About Us

Life Science Board Pte Ltd is a new Online Career Portal with total focus in the Life science, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries. We aim to develop an eco-system with these industries where Job Seekers, Employers and related industry players can come together with a common objective to build a strong life-saving and life-enriched society where the old and sick can be well cared for.
As the general population in Singapore and many other countries are ageing quickly, there is generally a shortage of good practitioners and professionals in the Life science, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries to support the growth and demand of them. Life Science Board Pte Ltd strongly believes in engineering a career online portal system which will help employers to post and attract qualified and talented job seekers to join the industries and to bring down the operational costs and yet improve the productivity in the long-run.
Our portal has the capability to support the diverse needs of the job seekers and employers on the same platform. We have our own patent-pending Smart Profiling Engine to help the employers look for the right employees in double quick time (and with great accuracy).

Key features of our platform are:

  • Life science, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries focused
  • Private Messaging capability to help establish connectivity between job seekers and employers for opportunities discussions or interview scheduling and co-ordination.
  • Banner and Footer Advertisement
  • Only support English languages
Job Seekers
  • One-stop resume depository and management with field parsing
  • Job Alerts when new interested career opportunities are made available
  • Online Career Advisory and News
  • Job Seeker Dashboard with reports and statistics provided on number of resume viewed by potential employer(s), past job searches and applications, status of application, etc.
  • Patent-pending Smart Profiling Engine to enable effective talent search
  • Qualified candidate database
  • Job Posting with Sample JDs Referencing
  • Ability to keep-in-view good candidates for future roles
  • Employer Dashboard with job posting reports and statistics provided on number of job posting viewed, number of successful placements, number of job seekers viewed, numbers of resume searches, number of interviews setup, etc.
  • Ability to create sub-account users


Contact Information

Life Science Board Pte Ltd
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Office Official Hours of Operation: Monday –Friday, 9am-6pm Singapore Time
Enquiries:              [email protected]
Support matters:  [email protected]
Telephone:            +65-6384-3808